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In the Greater Vancouver Area, building owners, facility managers, consultants and general contractors count on Duron Roofing Ltd. for their commercial, institutional and industrial roofing needs. As part of the Duron Group, for over 50 years, we have set the standard for quality workmanship and service in roofing replacement, repair and new construction.. Our firm has extensive experience in all types of roofing including built-up, inverted, single ply systems, green and energy efficient roofs.


Today's building owners are concerned with cool roofs, green roofs, and LEED certification. Whether based on environmental protection, energy savings or service life, Duron Roofing Ltd. can help building owners decide what roof best fits their needs. For all building owners, the good news is energy efficient and environmentally friendly roofs can pay for themselves through reduced energy bills and tax incentives

Duron has installed millions of square feet of flat commercial roofing in greater Vancouver and throughourt British Columbia. At Duron we understand that a roof replacement is a substantial investment. Whether it's installing a new roof, or extending the life of your existing roof with preventive maintenance, we keep the well being of the people and the material inside of your building at the forefront.


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